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For us – for me!
Living in a world unfriendly for the arts, where the human is devoted to the beauty and the kindness, he often got the feeling for completely loneliness. "Am I crazy, or everybody are?!" - This is the way that the idea for some ostentation came - test for everybody, who desires to understand which side to take and whose values to defend. After two or three years sending from pillar to post, in areas intellectual areas, I decided that I'm not alone! Now WE are alone! Many like us live from the distance of their own weakness to be mercantile, dependent on laws of the market world, wailing or drowning in the exile of their thoughts and feelings, picking some icon, in which they believe, with the instruments of their talent. "Life is theatre!" - Someone says it is Shakespeare's thought. But where are we - on the stage or in the audience? - This is the question. This site is for everyone, who's looking for their own stage and in the same time this is the place where you can find out your own audience! Life like "Infinity feast" - is this possible?
What is the meaning of life? – Well, because we EXIST!
If somebody EXISTS, call me!
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