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ZDay - Blagoevgrad

We expect everyone who wants to take part in the event to contact us !!!
Like Baron Munchhausen!
Let’s gather, take our own selves and make an effort to get out of the crisis of humanity and material injustice. The human world is made by the copy of our minds but where the positivity, joy, happiness and creativity went? Let’s everyone present his visualized idea for the world which he really want to live in! “Association for art - Lubimo” will present “The Zeitgeist Movement” on the 10th of September 2011 in Blagoevgrad. International day of the most progressive, scientific, multinational and multicultural movement of 21th century – “Zeitgeist”. Fellow citizens, fellow young people and kids, on the 10th of September “Association for art - Lubimo” will take part in the international day of “Zeitgeist”, by presenting it’s idea. On the “Bridge of the lovers” in Blagoevgrad and in the gallery “Lubimo”, we will present you a revolutionary idea. By the unity of humanity and by better use of our natural resources we can use our newest technologies to create a better future. Through the hole day we will present you this global movement which unite itself extremely fast thanks to the Internet. The movement is inspired by a creation of the social engineer Jacque Fresco. His idea, called “Venous Project” is a revolutionary social project unlike any other. Everyone who think of himself to be intelligent, art loving person is very welcome on our event. Everyone who still believe in the future, the life and the unity of humanity, and not in the separation, the wars and all the crimes made by our own politicians. The world is not the same anymore but yet no one has an answer on what is going on. The world is now facing the biggest crises ever seen. It looks for shelter which can only be found if we all gather and start working together. We invite all of you, who are sick of empty promises and who have expectations to see the future of the world as it should be by a project of your own imagination and understanding for harmony and justice. We will give you the chance of becoming part of that future!
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